The purpose of 7Next is to reinvent the experience we have with technological objects of everyday life. We want to promote a technology that integrates harmoniously with our lives. A technology that will fulfill its misssion : free spirits and open our horizons.

The Pup – connected pocket scanner


Pup Scan is a mini handheld scanner that allows you to digitalize and send several pages of your documents seamlessly.

Pup Scan without a computer, without wires… and without trouble !

From paper to your email by pressing a single button !

Pup Scan is reinventing scan. You simply aim at your page, he does the rest without your help. Cropping, rotating, assembling and routing pages is taking care automatically. Your ready-to-go document is appearing where you want it, without any action required on your part.

Pup Scan is serious about security. All your documents are encrypted throughout the whole process.

And you can ask Pup Scan even more by creating your own scenarios through the cloud.

Pup Scan is coming soon on Indiegogo, stay tuned and subscribe on

Industrial Design

We have built a trusted partner network. We have access to the best technologies and the best engineers, directly from the source.


Our team has a 12 years experience in the fields of Cloud, Data and Software Engineering. We are at the very forefront of M2M architectures and able to ensure the highest level of security.


The main purpose of our company is to serve our customers. This idea is reflecting in every aspects : industrial design, software, user interfaces…


Digital Marketing, Social Media, Community Management. At 7Next, innovation is everywhere, including in the way we are interacting with our clients.

Management, planning, strategy, technical lead

Renaud Pélissier

CEO, 7Next

Print, web, graphics and branding

Alexandre Hemery

Communication, 7Next

Investors management and fundraising

Pauline Sauvage

Fund raising, 7Next

Corporate partnerships, funding

Benoit Laisné

Business Dev, 7Next

Design, industrial partnerships

Matthieu Charlier

Industrial Design, 7Next

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